How to research stories that move people









Storytelling is the heart of our fundraising work.

People outside Bhopal can only help if they know about what is happening and feel moved enough to do something about it.

Our stories show them:

– how people are suffering

– what people in Sambhavna are doing

– how their help will make a difference

– how people’s lives have become better

Our stories of people’s suffering inform and educate, open our readers’ eyes, shock them, arouse their anger, compassion, and awaken in them the desire to help. Stories of Sambhavna’s wonderful work give our supporters the pleasure of knowing that they are helping people, changing their lives, easing pain and grief. Our stories have to move people deeply. Leave them in tears. Or roaring with anger. Desperate to help. They must be powerful enough to make people want to share them with others.


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